Sight Words


*  Sight words are those most common and frequent words used in our everyday
reading and writing.

*  Amazingly, 50% of our written material is made up of 100 of these most frequently used words.
*   They are service words which hold ideas together, there is
no picture
. They are best learned by sight, not by sounding out.

Learning these words by sight helps readers to maintain speed and fluency by not getting 'caught up' on meaning.

Sight Words

red    blue    yellow   green   orange   black   purple   brown   pink   white  am  at  be  can  go  I  is  me  my  see  the  to  up  we
and  do  got  had  has  he  her  his  in  on  it  like  look  love
come  did  for  get  have  here  him  of  play  said  she  will  you